Thursday, July 25, 2013

Returning to Opera

Well, I'm back on Opera though posting this on Chromium in Linux as the latest Opera Next isn't available for Linux yet.

Opera have switched to the Chromium rendering engine which has massively improved site compatibility for me especially on internal work sites.

What I love about Opera using Chromium rendering engine is that I don't have to put up with Google trying to constantly sync everything I do back to their servers.

I also get Speed Dial feature in Opera which is brilliant and nothing on any other browser compares and it is now even further enhanced by supporting folders.

I also think the Stash tab is a cool way to store bookmarks that I don't want to permanently keep though I do miss Opera Link bookmark syncing.

The Discover tab is quite cool too for when you have a few minutes to spare at work to catch up on the latest news.

I didn't intend this to be a complete review of the browsers features but I guess it is a bit bare bones at the moment in Opera Next since they have to completely rewrite the browsers features.  Here is hoping it continues to improve and Opera sticks around for a long time to come to bring me the browser I always end up returning to.

Jobsbridge stealing real jobs...

This is good evidence of Jobsbridge actually taking jobs out of the economy.

Primary school job on jobsbridge, screenshot taken just now of this. What a disgrace.

This highlights lack of funding for schools that they have to resort to this and that Jobsbridge is taking these jobs out of the economy.

Many more examples available on the Jobsbridge site on a regular basis.

It is shocking that media don't highlight this more to get this scheme at least reformed and that the government have let this exploitation of the scheme go on since Jobsbridge has pretty much started.

Anything to get the unemployment numbers down it seems.
Mallow Primary School Jobsbridge 9 month internship...
Jobsbridge Primary School Job