Sunday, November 11, 2012

Moving from Opera to Firefox

I'm a long term Opera user and advocate to be honest but sometimes you got to change when you hit too many problems using something.

I have had a lot of stability issues with Opera in work and at home so I migrated to Firefox again and new versions like nice (a lot of features borrowed from Opera I might add).

However, one thing Firefox lacks out of the box still is speed dial.  It has gone down the annoying Chrome route of trying to work out your most visited sites and the only way I found to lock my own to it is to bookmark a page and track it to a slot which is clumsy.

It also doesn't expand in numbers like Opera so I'm restricted in how many I can have.  I looked at some extensions but they don't support bookmark sync.  Anyone know any better ones?

I think I'll just continue using Firefox as my main concern is a browser that doesn't crash then hopefully Opera will become usable again in a few months time and I can switch back.

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